The Grand Introduction

Grand Chase
2 min readAug 16, 2022
Grand Chase ©

1 // Community Building

We envision de’Grand Family to be a hand-selected group of quality members who are interested in trading together while being a party go-er &/or connoisseur during off-hours.

2 // Utilities

Our goal will be to provide immediate utilities for our de’Grand Family, such as collaborations, discounted prices on analytics tools, and networking opportunities.

3 // What’s Next?

To the people who choose to stay and fully utilize our Grand Chase discord community, you will be presented with an opportunity to early invest in our vision around Q4 of 2022.

4 // Collector Pass

The collector pass collection will be comprised of one thousand NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. We are gathering the best minds around WEB3 in one space, and with the collector pass, we are providing entry into our ecosystem, with access to utilities as mentioned prior, including future collaborations, collections, entertainment, and much more.

5 // Bridging

With respect to bridging Web2 with Web3, currently, we understand that the meta of utilities from other projects are often centered around merchandise, exclusive Web3 events, airdrops, and staking. We hope to provide more offerings around this topic of bridging from our own perspective and really bring Web2 utilities onto the table for our community, particularly our collector pass holders.