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Grand Chase
8 min readFeb 20, 2023

Meet @UNKN0WN_ETH and @whosmerch — Founders of of Grand Chase NFT and learn more in depth about how Grand Chase came to life, and who are the founders.

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@My_coal — The art style and clothing choices seem great. Is fashion going to play a large role in this project for the PFP? Will the focus primarily be street or tech wear?

Merch: Fashion will play a minor role in this project but expect us to release some quality merchandise as Unkn0wn and Calista’s experience overlap in Fashion. It would be a mix of street and tech.

Unkn0wn: Even though fashion may not play a significant role in the project, both Calista and I have expertise in the fashion industry and take it seriously. You can definitely expect not only some high quality merchandise coming from our end, but also some unique designs as for the PFPs. I would say a mixture in between street and tech wear.

@C0NWIC — In what ways do you envision Grand Chase pushing the boundaries of the NFT space and leading the way in terms of innovation and growth?

Merch and Unkn0wn: We hope to push the boundaries of the NFT space by exploring rewards for our holders’ through in real life benefits. Collaborations with brands in hospitality, F&B, entertainment will help us achieve our ultimate goal as a company — which is to elevate lifestyle.

@ola_035 — This is nice: so much effort have been to put into this and can’t wait to see the full potential of what you guys are building and is this going to be web3 gaming project or just art

Merch and Unkn0wn: Currently our focus will be on the entertainment side, however we hope to branch into food & beverages. As a team, we currently do not have any gaming in mind. However, I wouldn’t rule out the chance completely.

@Johnni_87 — Hello. Nice to meet you. What blockchain networks will the project be based on?

Merch and Unkn0wn: Ethereum

@VchanNFT — Is this related to the franchise Grand Chase?

Merch and Unkn0wn: No

@_zennft — How much does community factor into your project and if so, what emphasis will it have on your eventual product/NFT?

Merch and Unkn0wn: The Grand Chase team believes that the community is the heart & soul of any project. They are the early believers and the early investors in both time and money. The heavy emphasis on our love for the community will be shown through how the war chest will be managed throughout the duration of the project.

To start, our Phase 1 Collection funds will be split into 80/20. From the collected funds, 20% will cover all initial costs, and 80% of the funding will go directly into building our Phase 2 Collection, as well as delivering on utilities and benefits for our holders.

@iamtrust_Z — What new innovation are you bringing to space? What makes you bullish on Grandchase?

Merch: Grand Chase isn’t about bringing new innovations into the space, but is about how we can tie web2 utilities into the space neatly and onboard new people that truly enjoy the technology as it is. Personally, what makes me bullish about grand chase is the talents & connections that my team currently has.

Unkn0wn: I wouldn’t say that we will bring any innovation in specific, and yes we will deliver on what’s promised while always expanding our brand/IP with the best holder’s sentiment at heart.
As holders and investors ourselves, we understand the needs of a good leadership that delivers on the promises.
Our web2 and web3 connections are our strongest point, that being said we will use everything in our reach to make the Grand Chase dream come to fruition, and that’s what makes me bullish on GrandChase.

@NoktaNFT — A lot of communities have similar incentives regarding discounted tools, collaborations etc, what sets Grand Chase apart from the rest? Especially in 2023

Merch: Originally, we were hoping to put heavy emphasis on becoming an alpha group with digital avatars to tie everything together. However, as we continued to build — we have put much more emphasis on becoming an entertainment lifestyle brand that will bring multi level utilities in experiences to our holders.

Unkn0wn: Our focus won’t be to become an alpha group, but rather an exclusive entertainment lifestyle brand that will bring multi level of utilities in experiences to our holders. Might be web2 or web3 experiences.
Projects usually are either focused on web2 or web3 rather than both, a project can only succeed if they manage to touch base in both points and this will be what sets us apart from the rest.

@Sheli_NF — What’s your approach to difficulties and challenges presented to you?

Merch: As grand cheesy as this may sound — it’s always one step at a time, one day at a time. As long as the challenge / difficulty is being addressed, there is no reason to be stressed about it.

Unkn0wn: Challenges are part of the fun, it’s important to remember that setbacks and difficulties are not failures; they are opportunities to learn and improve. By using them as stepping stones, you can propel yourself even further towards your goals.

In conclusion, challenges are an integral part of a fulfilling life, and while setbacks may seem daunting, they can ultimately lead to greater growth and success. One step ahead, two steps back, and prepare for the jump that will take you to even greater heights.

@Martin96C — Have the founders launched any other projects in the past or have they been a part of the team for any web3 projects?

Merch: Unkn0wn was a part of numerous projects, and multiple of our team members have experiences in previous projects.

Unkn0wn: All of our team members have web3 experiences in previous projects they worked on, however the founders (myself and Merch) have not launched any other project, nor any of the team members.

@aLifeOfDT — What do you envision as success for the grand chase brand in the next years to come?

Merch: Good Question, in my humble opinion — Grand Chase would be considered a success if we were running inclusive events simultaneously around the globe.

Unkn0wn: GrandChase would be successful if it can become a recognizable lifestyle brand that elevates our holders’ lifestyles, while simultaneously holding events around the globe.

@LadyKiller315 — What is the strength of the project, besides the market currently has many strong Anime projects, will this project have any other optimal points?

Merch and Unkn0wn: The strength of the project is the clear direction of what we want to achieve, as well as how we will achieve it. Aside from that we have also thought of revenue streams which do not require us to depend on our holders.

@lostboy9527 — How do you think I describe Grand Chase, a web3 project or a PFP collection?

Merch and Unkn0wn: PFP project with emphasis on web2.

@homepopular_eth — Who are you guys? I mean both founders. How did they come up with the ideas? How long have you guys known each other? Can I trust you to deliver?

Merch: I’ve known Unkn0wn for almost a year now, Unkn0wn and I both had similar ideas and found this out through our conversations. We decided to give it a go. We don’t want to make any promises but we will try our best to deliver.

Unkn0wn: I’ve known Merch through a mutual project we both were part of, nearly one year ago. Throughout our conversation we realized that we both had similar ideas and beliefs — due to that we decided to give it a go. We hope to change the public perspective in regards to what to expect of a project. As holders and investors ourselves we know how to be on the other side of the coin, and we will do our best to deliver.

@Selena_Nguyen33 — What is the use of this NFT? Or just simply collect.

Merch: Find out more as we dive into this chase.
Unkn0wn: Membership access.

@vexxi_2 — Is this project a brand or a possible web3 game?

Merch and Unkn0wn: Company.

@bluemasterWIN — How much do you know about SMART acronyms? And how much aspect of your project has been applying these principles ?

Merch and Unkn0wn: We currently work with a monthly schedule that gets updated every 3rd day to ensure we are all on the same page as we move forward. I can say that all of our departments are using some aspects of this principle. All of our goals are achievable and we know what we need to do to achieve so.

@Matt_L06 — What direction do you see this project going and what are the plans that will benefit the HOLDERS not the flippers? What blockchain will you release?

Merch: there will always be flippers and only patience and time will be able to display if a project is for flippers or holders. You will have to take a chance and join us on GC.

Unkn0wn: All projects have a mixture in between both flippers and holders in its community, as time moves on while we deliver on our goals, holders should be rewarded while flippers will flip. You will have to join us and see what happens next, we shall be waiting for you at GrandChase with a warm welcome. Ethereum.

@KCYCK27 — Would like to know the plan for @GrandChaseNFT in 2023 and how you are going to onboarding newcomers.

Merch and Unkn0wn: Through our in-person events, we aim to not only promote our brand but also attract and onboard new members.