Welcome to the Grand Ecosystem

Grand Chase
2 min readSep 14, 2022

Collector Pass

We envision de’Grand Family to be a hand-selected group of quality members who are interested in trading together while being a party go-er &/or connoisseur during off-hours.

What is the Collector Pass ?

The collector pass is made of one thousand NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain gathering the best minds around WEB2/3 in one space.

What is our goal ?

Developing a tight knit Web3 community, who will trade together, learn together, and most importantly have fun together. As a secondary goal, becoming more well known as a project to further secure opportunities from other NFT projects such as whitelists, collaborations, and partnerships.

What ‘s Next?

To the believers who choose to stay and fully utilise our Grand Chase discord community, you will be presented with an early opportunity to invest in our vision around Q4 of 2022. Once the collector pass is minted out; 75% of the funds generated from the project sell out will be put aside to contribute to our community and company progression. Out of the 75%, 50% will go into the war-chest for fleshing out the Grand Chase 10k PFP collection, as well as any small scale events for our pass holders. While the rest will be used to invest smartly and help quality projects by community members.

PFP sketch by @Gavll


Bridging with Respect — We understand that the meta consists of utilities that are often centered around merchandise, airdrops, and staking. We hope to differentiate ourselves by offering Web2 utilities which includes monthly in real life social events across the globe, high fashion with seasonal drops , as well as F&B experiences.